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Pharmacology Update

This course covers the most recent advances in clinical pharmacology for nurses. It updates drugs and nursing implications for drugs commonly used in hospitals today. This comprehensive course categorizes drugs by body systems.

At the end of this course, the nurse will be able to:

1) Score at least 70% on an objective exam on the following:

a. Therapeutic actions, routes of administration & absorption of drugs
b. Side effects, adverse actions, and toxic effects of each drug
c. Contraindications and interactions of drugs in each group
d. Types of drug administration devices used commonly today

2) Name and discuss 4 major steps to safely administer an experimental drug.

3) Discuss nursing responsibilities with reporting suspected drug abuse among co-workers.

4) Discuss the differences between the side effects of drugs and adverse reactions, especially in experimental drugs.

5) Discuss the use of infusion pumps and other devices used in hospitals for the administration of IV fluids.

6) Discuss insulin infusion pumps used in the hospital and the possible advantages of their use at home.

7) Name and discuss at least one drug used for treating AIDS

8) Name and discuss at least one new antiarrhythmia drugs listed in the text.

9) Name and discuss at least 2 of the new antibiotic drugs mentioned in the text.

15.00 Contact Hours ; Price: US$ 59.00

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