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Geriatric Nursing Principles

Care of the aging client is presented in this course. Nurisng diagnosis, intervention, and evalautoin are discussed, along with application of these processes. This course also includes pysical assessment, activities of daily living, nutrution, drug therapy, and death, so important in the care of the elderly. Cognitive characteristics and factors that influence cognitive responses are also discussed.


At the end of course, each participant will be able to:

  1. Define the term, “Later Maturity” rather than using the term “Old Age” as the last developmental stage
  2. Name and describe the stereotypes and attitudes used in describing and dealing with elderly clients
  3. Explain how personal values, attitudes and feelings about the elderly, will affect the behavior of people toward the elderly
  4. Name and describe at least two methods of effective communications that allow the nurse to obtain a good nursing history during the assessment process
  5. Name at least two interventions that can be useful for individualizing the nursing care for the elderly client
  6. Name and discuss at least two characteristics of the helping relationship
  7. Name at least two behaviors that indicates a helping relationship for the elderly patient
  8. Name and describe at least five physical changes that commonly occur in later life
  9. Name and describe at least two ways in which the nurse can intervene supportively, using self, environmental, or physical aids, to help the senior maintain or regain cognitive competency
  10. Name and describe at least one method of exploring the meaning of death and personal attitudes toward dying, death and the maintenance of life

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