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Cardiovascular Assessment

This course updates the nure in the very latest techniques for a complete cardiovascular assessment. Topics include the heart, the chest, EKG, and cardiovascular diseases.

Course Objectives

At the end of course, each participant will be able to:

  1. Name and describe the seven parts of the thorax.

  2. Name and describe the two major parts of the gross muscular structure of the heart.

  3. Name and describe the four chambers of the heart as they relate to pumping action.

  4. Name and describe the four valves of the heart and their position in the heart.

  5. Discuss all the important parts of the cardiovascular system as identified in the outline of the test; including heart sounds and EKG interpretation.

  6. Perform with 70% accuracy on an objective examination covering all areas of the course.

  7. Name and discuss at least two major aspects of the physiology of the CV system which relates to the disease process and the resultant abnormal findings on examination.

  8. Name and discuss the normal and abnormal findings of assessment of the bony thorax and gross findings of the heart and great blood vessels, including peripheral vascular disease, hypertension, and the condition of shock.

  9. Discuss the definition and importance of inspection of the CV system including the gross anatomical structures.

Long term objectives:

  1. To increase awareness of the importance of the cardiovascular assessment techniques and obtain a thorough knowledge base in the areas of assessment and patient care, in order to better care for all your patients; especially those with a cardiovascular impairment.

  2. To improve the skill level of hands on assessment techniques of the cardiovascular system, by increasing the theoretical knowledge base of the nurse participant.

  3. To better understand the legal and moral ramifications of performing a complete and thorough assessment; reporting of abnormal findings, the emergency procedures, and the accurate charting of all results, whether normal or abnormal.

15.00 Contact Hours ; Price: US$ 59.00

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