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Ordering a home study course to complete via mail is easy.  Note the course you want from the course descriptions listed below, then use the "To Order" button to place your order.  Materials will be mailed to you within 24 hours, and you have up to a year to complete and mail back the test for grading. 

Courses We Offer Via Mail

AIDS TODAY - (HS-12) $75.00 - This overview of AIDS addresses: AIDS definition, modes of transmission, predisposing conditions and risks factors.  It also examines the virus and the pathogenesis of AIDS including opportunistic infections and malignancies, nutritional, pharmacological, emotional, and ethical issues are discussed, plus more. (30 contact hours)

ALTERNATIVE CAREERS IN NURSING - (HS-14) $75.00 - While helping identify personal characteristics which will affect one's choice of a career, this home study course presents 16 alternative careers in nursing. Learn how to develop career goals along with development of a career action plan. (30 contact hours)

CARDIOVASCULAR ASSESSMENT - (HS-2) $75.00 - This course updates the nurse in the very latest techniques for a complete cardiovascular assessment. Topics include the heart, the chest, EKG, and cardiovascular diseases. (30 contact hours)

DIABETES: CAUSE, EFFECT, AND TREATMENT - (HS-18) $75.00 This course provides a comprehensive guide to diagnosis, laboratory tests and monitoring, complications, and treatment of persons with Type I, Type II, pregnancy and diabetes, plus diabetes in children.

EATING DISORDERS - (HS-3) $75.00An examination of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia. Included in this course are the psychological and sociological precipitants of these disorders, the medical complications, and criteria for hospitalization. The assessment interview and the nurse's roleare examined, along with the expected outcomes of treatment. (30 contact hours)

EKG INTERPRETATION - (HS-7) $75.00 - This course includes: Electrical activity of the heart; EKG paper and recognizing normal EKGs; explanations of atrial and ventricular arrhythmias, along with medical and nursing interventions. This course lays the foundation for an advanced class in EKG interpretation and is an asset for ACLS certification. (30 contact hours)

GERIATRIC NUSING PRINCIPLES - (HS-5) $75.00 - Care of the aging client is presented in this new course. Nursing diagnosis, intervention, and evaluation are discussed, along with application of these processes. This course also includes physical assessment, activities of daily living, nutrition, drug therapy, and death, so important in the care of the elderly. Cognitive characteristics and factors that influence cognitive responses are also discussed. (30 contact hours)

LAB TESTS INTERPRETATIONS - (HS-8) $75.00 -  This course is practical and informative. It presents the most commonly used lab tests in most hospitals. It also give the nursing implications for each test, allowing the nurse to correlate this data with the clinical diagnosis and the implications of the diagnostic data, along with any special requirements for the patient. (30 contact hours)

LUPUS - WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT? (HS-17) $75.00 -  Find out the latest medical information and alternative treatments for this strange and terrible autoimmune disease. Learn new ways to turn worry into action, increase assertiveness, and ease pain.  (30 contact hours)

MANAGING STRESS (HS-10) $75.00 -  Identify stress factors in yourself and others! This course will also help the individual identify the means of coping with stress while examining life-style habits to improve health and reduce stress.  (30 contact hours)

PERINATAL ASSESSMENT (HS-9) $75.00 -  This detailed course updates the nurse on the latest techniques for assessment of the newborn. The course includes special characteristics and goals of fetal assessment, along with effects on the newborn of chemical and physical exposure. Nursing considerations and interventions are discussed throughout the text. Prenatal assessment of the mother and fetus are described.  (30 contact hours)

PHARMACOLOGY UPDATE (HS-6) $75.00 -  Drugs and drug therapies change every day! This course updates you on all the very latest drugs in common use today. This course also discusses the most recent advances in the clinical practice of Pharmacology. Included are: Cardio Emergency drugs, antibiotics, psychotropic drugs, and many other relevant topics in Pharmacology.  (30 contact hours)

PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT ADVANCED (HS-15) $75.00 -  This course updates the nurse in the assessment of the following areas: 1) Lungs and Thorax, 2) Cardiovascular, 3) Mental Status, and 4) Neurological. Individual courses in these areas have been among our most often-requested courses. (30 contact hours)

PSYCHIATRIC SKILLS FOR NON-PSYCH NURSES (HS-1) $75.00 -  A course designed to help the non-psych nurse gain insight into the care of patients with psychiatric disorders in a non-psychiatric setting. The nurse will be able to describe and use "No Harm" contracts, plus the use of psychopharmacology, and much more.   (30 contact hours)

REAL LAMAZE PREPARED CHILDBIRTH (HS-13) $75.00 -  This course equips the participant with the best knowledge and training used as necessary tools to cope with labor, by understanding the course of labor and how mental preconditioning greatly influences the course of labor.  (30 contact hours)

INDENTIFY THE SIGNS OF SUBSTANCE ABUSE (HS-16) $75.00 -  This course covers the abuse of all addictive drugs, dangerous drugs, and abused chemicals. This overview will discuss common characteristics of addiction, as well as many characteristics unique to certain chemicals of abuse, presenting statistics of substance abuse, prevalence of addiction, risk factors, and susceptibility.  (30 contact hours)

TRAUMATIC INJURIES IN CHILDREN (HS-11) $75.00 -  This course offers ways to identify common causes of tramatic injuries in children, and steps to stabilize the child in the field and emergency department. It addresses the care of children with traumatic injuries, including child abuse, and the importance of rehabilitation.  (30 contact hours)

UNDERSTANDING MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDERS (HS-4) $75.00 - This course will enable the participant to identify dissociative disorders. It explains the phenomenon of the personality system, and the relationships the personalities have with each other and with the host. Treatment, management, and the role of the nursing staff in the hospital setting are discussed, and more.  (30 contact hours) 

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